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The current study examines the effects of normal aging on procedural memory more closely by comparing the effects of aging on the encoding or acquisition stage of procedural.

Previous re-search identified some developmental sequences for the acquisition of verb morphology, but it is not always clear how metalinguistic terms used in such sequences.

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Aug 19, 2009 · Twelve older and 14 young participants completed a sequence-learning task (the Serial Reaction Time Task) over a practice session and at a re-test session 24 hours later. Older participants actually demonstrated more sequence skill during acquisition than the young.. Below is a general outline of what is considered to be a normal sequence in the acquisition of receptive language skills. Acquisition of receptive language skills starts as early as.

Author(s): Ozhinsky, Eugene; Vigneron, Daniel B; Nelson, Sarah J | Abstract: PurposeTo develop a technique for optimizing coverage of brain 3D (1) H magnetic resonance spectroscopic imaging (MRSI) by automatic placement of outer-volume suppression (OVS) saturation bands (sat bands) and to compare the performance for point-resolved spectroscopic sequence (PRESS) MRSI.

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